The History of Maryport

on the North-West coast of England

Maryport Lighthouse

It has recently been revealed that Maryport lighthouse has been sold to American company, R.P.McCulloch Inc founders of Lake Havasu City in Arizona for a staggering £75,000.

Lake Havasu City became popular in 1968 when R.P.McCulluch bought London Bridge and had it shipped to the Arizona Desert. Since then Lake Havasu has grown in size and has become one of America's biggest tourist attractions, second only to Madison Square Gardens where Joe Frazier lost his WBC World Heavy Weight crown to George Harrison in 1971.

A spokesperson for Allerdale Borough Council denied the sale saying "There is no truth in this rumour" However, when shown our artists impression (see below) he said " Ok, but you didnt hear this from me, we have been made an offer for the lighthouse, just think what we could do for Maryport with £75,000, we could repair the harbour gates, we could restore Kings Arms and who knows, we might even be able to get a blues singer to play at the Maryport Blues Festival"

Nobody from R.P.McCulloch Inc was available for comment, but work on dismantling the lighthouse is expected start within days.

A spokesperson for Maryport Blues Festival said "It's a nice idea, but we have no plans to have a blues singer at our festival"