The History of Maryport

on the North-West coast of England

Simon and Garfunkel

The paparazzi were out in force this week in Maryport, when Mr Wayne Doolittle announced to the worlds media that he had made an astonishing discovery at Maryport train station.

Mr Doolittle explained " I was was sitting on a railway station waiting for a train to Carlisle, when I noticed an Old Holborn tobacco tin lying on the floor, bored, I kicked it and the lid flew off and a piece of paper fell onto the platform. I picked up the paper and read the words and I immediately recognised that they were the lyrics to a famous Simon and Garfunkel song, the paper was signed by Paul Simon and dated "1965 Maryport Station".

The lyrics were indeed for the Simon and Garfunkel hit "Homeward Bound"

Experts at Sotherby's in Wigton quickly examined the paper and exclaimed that it was genuine, based on the facts that Simon and Garfunkel played Maryport Civic Hall in June 1965 and that Paul Simon, in an interview with the NME in April 1965, admitted that he smoked Old Holborn tobacco.

Today, at tremendous expense, we have secured a copy of the lyrics in thier original form, for you to view at your leisure.