The History of Maryport

on the North-West coast of England

Time Team Visits Maryport

In July 2003, Tony Robinson and his colleagues from C4's Time Team came to Maryport and began to excavate the playing fields next to Sandy Lonning, looking for evidence of a Roman settlement.

There was a lot to be done and only three days to do it.

On Day one, a trench was dug, which ran parallel to the footpath and a hoard of Roman coins was found.

On day two, a second trench was dug and the Time Team were joined by Peter Ogni, a local archeologist of no fixed hairstyle. Peter came armed with a spade and a metal detector. Within minutes his detector began bleeping loudly and Peter started digging furiously, he was 12 feet down, before he realised he had steel toe capped boots on. Later that day there was great excitement as many objects were unearthed.

On day three, the final day, the team began to sift through their findings and the delicate job of cleaning all the objects began.Amongst their haul was a hoard of Roman coins, a  freezer and a Lancaster Bomber.

A Caesar Freezer.  Lancaster Engine Lancaster Wheel

This find shows that the Romans were far more advanced than previously thought.